American Golden Plover

October 27, 2014  •  1 Comment

Here are a few images of the extremely photographic American Golden Plover at Davidstow Airport in Cornwall. I happened to be in the South-west anyway.....

Tactic was to roll up to the bird in the car, and then take photos out of the window. This proved unsatisfactory, so I stealthily snuck out of the car on the opposite side to the bird, and edged my way around the front on my stomach whilst resting the lens on my coat. Not a bad tactic as it turns out, but my desire for ground-level shots is really starting to hurt my neck. I really need an angle finder, or I need to use my Wimberley on  the frisbee thing. Trouble is I can never be bothered with that, and so yesterday I actually gave myself a headache taking these photos. Idiot.

Anyway, that's all behind me now, and so here are a few of the results. All taken with the Canon 1D Mk IV, coupled with the 500mm f4 and 1.4xx converter. 1/800 at f5.6, ISO 800 and neck ache.


Jamie Medford(non-registered)
Lovely set of images, getting low certainly paid off.
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