Lapland Bunting

October 19, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

A Lapland Bunting recently graced Wanstead Flats, a pretty rare bird for London. I managed to get it on the first evening, and the bird was just so confiding. But having come straight from work I had no camera, and so returned the next day when I was lucky enough to have a bit of early morning sunshine. It didn't seem quite as approachable this time around, and it mostly just crept around the tussocks, but with a little patience I was able to position myself in locations where a clear shot was just about possible. I say just about, as the vertical crop below actually had a few stems of grass through the bird - some detailed work with the clone stamp tool sorted that out though - the trick is to zoom right in and work on one feather at a time. Details are 700mm (500mm + 1.4x), 1/1000s at f5.6 - handheld, as I tend to do ever more frequently.


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