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Twite are amongst the commonest of small birds on Shetland, and tend to hang around crops fields with Sparrows. They're a lovely gingerly colour, and to hear a group bouncing over, jangling as they go, is something that to me just screams Shetland. As I was on a birding trip, I had kept camera gear to an absolute minimum - not even a monopod on this occasion, the idea being that if an opportunity presented itself I would just do the best I could and move on quickly. As it happens, I think I have underestimated the hand-holdability of the 500mm, it was incredibly easy to get a sharp shot just by crouching down and bracing, even in Shetland winds! These two are my favourites of all the ones I took, 700mm focal length, 1/1600s at f5.6. They're very similar, but one lends itself to a vertical crop, whilst the other the bird is slightly more horizontal and as such I've left it in its original format.


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