October 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

My regular reader will know that Wheatears are by far my favourite subject. I make trips to photograph single species, and ultimately plan to try and photograph them all - ideally without travelling to some of the scarier parts of the world. This latest image is only of a Northern Wheatear, but was possibly the most pleasing from the whole of last weekend. I spotted a bird on a small mound, and we maneuvered the car close by. As we were doing so, the bird flew in even closer, almost as if it were checking us out. "Kill the engine! Kill the engine!", and as the car shuddered to a stop I fired off half a dozen frames - as luck would have it my manual exposure from a few minutes before was still appropriate, 1/800s at f5.6. Handheld resting on the car door frame, a real grab shot, no planning at all. Love it!



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