Cattle Egret

December 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Real dirt birds Cattle Egrets, omnipresent no matter where in the world you seem to be. In the Oued Massa in Morocco they outnumbered Little Egret by about 20-1, and were seen up nearer to Marrakech as well. Normally I don't stop to take photos (whereas if I saw one in the UK I would, go figure), but a flooded field close to a road in the Massa held a few birds that seemed more intent on feeding on insipid stringy worms that bothering about two photographers. So here's a few from that session, all taken with the 800mm, which was actually too long in this situation and caused me to switch to a full frame body to reduce my focal length. This was still too long for the reflections in most cases - oh for my 500mm! Always the way, you want what you don't have, though for most other birds on the trip the extra length of the longer lens was spot on. White birds, which regular readers know I'm not a fan of, but I think I've done OK. As usual I got down low, as low as I could go, which involved getting attacked by an ant nest twice.


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