Indian Roller

January 12, 2015  •  1 Comment

Indian Roller was one of the highlights of the trip. Common almost everywhere that had some water, by far the best place for photographs was in the irrigated fields associated with the Wamm Dairy Farm at Dibba, near the Oman border to the north of the UAE. Here pairs of Roller sat around on sprinkler heads, occasionally getting up and displaying to each other. The display flight is tricky to capture, but involves large swoops and dives with folded wings over where the other bird is sitting. The backdrop of the Omani mountains and fields played havoc with the AF, and more often than not I missed the action. I got onto it a few times, and I could have stayed there all day it was such fun, but we had a schedule to keep. Anyway, here are a few images of these raucous and charismatic birds, a real favourite of mine. Could we get them to perch anywhere other than a sprinkler head? Nope, but nevermind!


Hi I've just come back from Dibba. I got an extremely good picture of a roller in flight in the garden of my hotel Holiday beach Hotel. I thought it was a European Roller, I can't see any difference between the two? Stuart ( England)
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