Sooty Gull

January 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Well, thanks to my travelling partners I spent far more time looking at Gulls than anticipated, something I had hoped would not happen. Hey ho, you live and learn. As Gulls go, Sooty Gull are nicer than many however, and of all the species on the beach south of Fujairah in the UAE were probably the most tolerant of people. So here are a few images of the birds, seeing as I took them anyway whilst waiting for the sun to set over the course of three (yes, three) afternoons. An afternoon visit is best as the beach faces east and you have the sun behind you for the last part of the day. Talking of which, the light is excellent in the UAE in winter during the morning and afternoon, so I was able to go hand-held all the way. In fact I am not sure I used my monopod even once on this trip. 


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